Self-Scheduling Online is usually the easiest and quickest way to get an appointment. However, if you prefer booking another way or need more information to determine what service to select, please email me at or you can call or text me at 205-693-9963. Information about the most commonly requested services including pricing can be found below.

Brandon has now been working on my piano regularly for well over a year. His work is thorough and professional, and he listens to my concerns about my piano and any particular problems I’m having with the tone or the touch. I appreciate his work to keep my piano in good condition, which is important for a working professional pianist.
— Ty T. - Birmingham, AL



This is much more than a piano tuning. It's the best option for clients who want to maintain their piano at peak performance or who are ready to catch up on some deferred maintenance of an older piano. Depending on your piano's unique needs, this may include tuning, cleaning, regulation, voicing, lubrication, minor repairs, and much more.

When to choose a Full Service Appointment:

  • Your piano is used by an amateur or professional musician or a student who is at a moderately advanced or higher level and you want it maintained at peak performance.
  • You inherited or purchased a piano (or just started using your piano again after a few years) and it needs a shot or two in the arm to bring it up to date on deferred maintenance.

Though Basic Service appointments are only available on weekdays, Full Service appointments may be scheduled on some weekends for an additional $50. Weekend appointments have to be scheduled by email and may require a longer wait.

Basic Service (Tuning) $150* Existing clients, $165* first time clients


  • Fine tuning.
  • A personalized Condition Report with recommendations for your piano's care.
  • Minor regulation and voicing to improve how your piano plays and sounds.

Pitch Adjustment $25-$60

If it has been over 6-12 months since your piano was last tuned it may need a pitch adjustment. This is basically an additional rough tuning (or two or three) to bring the strings closer to correct pitch so that a stable fine tuning is possible. The longer a piano has gone without tuning, the more likely a pitch adjustment will be needed.

**ADD-ON** DEEP CLEANING (INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR) Uprights $75, Grands $93.75

Includes about an hour of cleaning starting with whatever the piano needs most. This will include some or all of the following:

  • Removing dust from soundboard
  • Removing moisture-attracting dust from strings and tuning pins
  • Cleaning keytops and cleaning under the keys (you might be surprised to see the material that collects under keys)
  • Blowing out dust from action parts
  • Dusting the exterior
  • Applying polish or wood conditioner to the case

Consultation/Evaluation $100

This is included as part of the basic tuning and full service appointments, but it can also be scheduled separately. You will receive a condition report with a detailed estimate itemizing what the piano needs in order to either be brought up to par or made like new again. if you want to know the general shape of a piano you just purchased or are considering purchasing and aren't ready to have it serviced yet, this is the option for you. If you schedule a basic or full service appointment and your piano can't be tuned (for example, the tuning pins are too loose in the pinblock to hold), then your appointment will become a consultation.

*Extended service area - 15+ miles from zip code 35209

15-24 miles - add $15 (Helena, Chelsea, Alabaster, Pinson, Trussville, Leeds, McCalla, Morris, Hueytown)
25-39 miles - add $30 (Moody, Warrior, Odenville, Springville, Montevallo, Locust Fork, Vincent, Pell City)
40-49 miles - add $45 (Oneonta, Jemison, Jasper, Sylacauga, Clanton, Lincoln)
50-64 miles - add $60 (Cullman, Talladega, Tuscaloosa, Blountsville)
65-75 miles - add $75 (Gadsden, Anniston)

The cities listed above will get you a close estimate. Some cities stretch across two service areas. To get a more accurate estimate you can go to google maps and check your distance from zip code 35209 using the quickest drive.
I do travel farther than 75 miles at times to service pianos. Please contact me to discuss possibilities.

Brandon, you were prompt, professional, courteous, informative, obviously knowledgeable and there were no surprises on your charges.

The tuning job was excellent and you may use this email in your advertising.

Best regards.
— James B. - Columbiana, AL